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All visitors to the school must enter through the front office and sign in to obtain a visitor's pass. A state-issued ID or US passport is required for entry. Upon completion of the visit, visitors must return to the front office to sign out. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us provide a safe learning environment for our students.

Classroom Visits

Parents/guardians are not permitted to visit their student's classroom unannounced during school hours, or walk them to class after the first week of school. If you need to meet with your student's teacher, please schedule a meeting with them in advance. The most efficient way to contact a teacher is via email. If you are contacting a teacher by phone, please call only before school, after school, or during their planning time.

First Week of School

Please note that the first week of school is the only time that parents/guardians are permitted to walk their students to class. This is allowed to help ease the transition to school. After the first week of school, parents should not be on campus without an appointment. 

Lunch Visits

Parents/guardians may eat lunch with their student, but must sit in the outside eating area. In the event of inclement weather there will be a designated table inside the cafeteria. Parents are not permitted to remain for recess period. Please do not bring homemade food to the classroom. If you would like to send in a birthday treat on your student's birthday, please prearrange this with the teacher.


Parent/guardian volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested in volunteering, visit the Flagler Schools Volunteering page for information about applications, clearance procedures, and badging.