Greek Living History Museum

Greek Living History Museum
Posted on 03/14/2022
Greek Living History MuseumOn March 4th, Rymfire Elementary School invited families, students, and staff to attend a Greek Living History Museum in the OASIS Media Center. Sixth graders from Ms. Perrotta's class with the assistance of Caryn Taylor, the RES Literacy Coach, helped students prepare to bring to life Greek gods and goddesses. 

Audience members learned more about ancient history that is a part of the Florida sixth grade Social Studies standards. The students dressed the part and told tales of ancient history unique to their own persona.

Georgiann Rymann stated, "It was interesting that Pandora opened up the box even though she was not supposed to. She did it anyway due to her curiosity. It then, unfortunately, made pain, suffering, and evil go everywhere."

Zenae Mills was surprised that Athena was not married and did not have any children of her own. Giles Platt said he already knew a lot about Dionysus but was interested to learn that he was also the god of theater. Lucas Soto stated, "Helios was one of the first gods and lived in a golden palace. It was really cool that he could see into the future since he was the god of sight." 

The Greek Living History Museum has been a historical event at RES over the years. This will be its last year, as Flagler Schools sixth grade students transition to middle schools starting next year.