Policies & Procedures

Family and Student Handbook
Please review the Family and Student Handbook for important information and policies for this school year.

If your child will be absent from school, please report the absence, tardy, or early sign out by sending an email to [email protected] or or complete the Student Absence Form within five days of returning to school Please include the child's name, homeroom teacher, date of absence/tardiness/early sign out along with the reason, and when possible attach a doctor's note. Parents may write up to 5 parent notes per term (a term is two nine weeks; therefore, school year is made up of two terms) with a total of 10 per year, until 15 days of total absence is attained. Students who are excessively absent or leave school early may be referred to our Guidance Department for intervention assistance. Students who continue to be excessively absent will be monitored by the district office and may be referred for additional services or to the State Attorney’s Office per the Flagler County Schools’ Student Code of Conduct.

Car Riders
Students are picked up from Car Riders following the traffic pattern to the back of the school adjacent to our cafeteria from 3:40 pm to 3:55 pm. Families may pick up a car rider number at the front office. You must display this number when utilizing our car rider system. Cars without a school assigned number displayed at time of pick up will be directed to park and sign out their
child(ren) at our front desk. This is designed to help ensure the safety of your child. To keep the flow of traffic moving, stay in your car, pull all the way up, and do not vary from our pick-up procedures. The children count on you to set a good example and follow traffic directions and speed limits. Please drive safely on school grounds.

Student dismissal is a very busy time in the front office. In order to ensure a smooth transition during dismissal each day, we ask that you:
  • Notify the teacher in writing if there is any change in how your child will be getting home from school. Without written notification, your child will be sent home the way he/she normally goes home.
  • Notify the school when there is a need to check your child out early for a doctor’s appointment or emergency. All changes to travel method home must be prior to 1:30 pm. We need ample time to notify teachers and staff.
  • Always have ID available/ready in order to check your child out of school.
  • Arrive at least 20 minutes early, as it takes time for students to pack up and report to the front desk.
To ensure the safety of our students, the office will be closed for pickup between 3:15 pm–3:55 pm except in the case of emergencies or doctor's appointments.

Early Dismissal
If your child needs to leave school early, a guardian, or designated person over the age of 18 must come into the office and sign him/her out. (This person must be listed on the Student Information Form that is filled out at the beginning of the year.) Identification MUST be shown before the student will be released to anyone. The receptionist will contact your child’s teacher and have him/her sent to the office for dismissal. Students should not be released early unless it is an emergency. Students will not be called to go to the front desk until the guardian (or designee) has arrived at school. Parents please plan for it taking at least 20 minutes for your child to be sent to the office. 

Extended Day
Flagler Technical College (FTC) provides on-campus services before school and after school. For further information contact FTC at 206-4600 ext. 5227. 

Safety Drills
Throughout the course of the year, Rymfire Elementary School will conduct fire, tornado and color-coded safety drills, so our students know how to respond and be safe in the event of a real emergency. Parents are notified when students partake in Code Red drills, so families have an opportunity to continue the conversation at home. If we have to have a CODE RED that is not a practice, families are also notified via a Robo call and via the district website.

School Start Time
Student instructional time begins at 9:10 am. For the safety of your child, please make sure that your child does not arrive at school before 8:45 am unless he/she is participating in a school sponsored activity. School doors do not open until 8:50 am each school day. If your student needs to be dropped off to school prior to 8:40 am, please contact Extended Day at 206-4600 x5227.

Students arriving at school late (after 9:10AM) must report to the front desk for a “late pass” to give to their teacher. Students who are excessively tardy or leave school early may be referred to our Guidance department for intervention assistance.

Walkers must follow the designated route to and from school during specific times. Families
should not enter the building with walkers in the morning, nor should they enter the building to pick them up in the afternoon. Walkers will be dismissed from the building at 3:40 pm.

*While Walkers is always an option, the preferred, safest and most efficient forms of
transportation for your child are Car Riders or Buses.