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Instructional Technology

Rymfire Elementary embraces the use of Apple products and technology, transforming our classrooms into innovative learning spaces. With a student population of 992, technology plays a crucial role in enabling quick and efficient communication among students, teachers, and administrators. 

Our district's 1:1 student device initiative has revolutionized the way our students learn. Each student is equipped with an Apple device, empowering them to explore educational resources, conduct research, and develop essential digital skills. Additionally, through hands-on training, our students gain practical experience that prepares them for college or immediate employment opportunities in our county.

We are committed to leveraging instructional technology to prepare our students for the future. Watch our videos, where our students and teachers share examples of how technology enhances their learning experience and helps them excel in the classroom. These innovations are truly changing the game at Rymfire Elementary.

Inspire. Imagine. Impact.


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Principal Lee:

At Rymfire Elementary, our mission is to ensure exceptional learning and growth for all students and staff.

Our digital one-to-one movement providing iPads for all students and three-to-one for educator provides all of our instructional leaders with MacBook, iPad, and Apple TV access, allowing our teachers help us reach our vision to develop our students academically and socially through successful school experiences. Then inspires students to meet or exceed grade level expectations.

[Children talking.]


Principal Lee:

Students are able to monitor their own specific medical conditions for their optimal health daily during instruction and in collaboration with our nurse’s office staff.


Speaker #2

Leveraging iPads in education allows students to take ownership of their learning. Through collaboration, presentations, discovery, and inquiry, students are able to showcase their creativity and knowledge.

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Principal Lee:

The impact of our digital one-to-one movement allows students to use their devices for accessibility, assist our teachers in personalizing learning for all students, including speakers of other languages who use an iPad-supported application to help them acquire the English language.

[Teacher: Question one: Cows are consumers. They eat grass, greens, and hay. What do they get from their food? A) Energy. B) Milk. C) Sunlight…]

Principal Lee:

Our one-on-one movement also allows our teachers to support all learners to aid in learning activities or enrichment activities daily during instruction.

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