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Safety in our schools is, and will always be, a priority to Flagler Schools and local law enforcement. We take school safety very seriously and have standardized our policies and procedures across the district. We have collaborated with the Flagler County Sheriff's Office to ensure the most effective response in the case of an emergency at any of our facilities. All county agencies work together to provide the best chance for a positive resolution.

Flagler Schools encourages families, students, and employees to share information about emerging safety and security concerns before they escalate into emergencies. The Fortify FL app can be used to report suspicious activity directly to school officials or law enforcement agencies.

Incidents of bullying in Flagler Schools can be reported to the district by submitting the form found on the Report Bullying page. Visit the Bullying page to access additional information including bullying criteria, district policies and procedures, and resources for students and families.

Status Alerts

Flagler Schools uses a color-coded status alert system in all of our school facilities. All schools operate in a green status during normal, everyday operations. In the event that an individual school's status changes, appropriate procedures will be followed by the school staff.

In the case of a red status, non-emergency personnel will be advised to stay off of the school campus until the threat is eliminated. This procedure is followed in order to allow law enforcement to focus on the emergency and work more effectively.

While the prospect of not being allowed on campus seems unthinkable to families, it is the best way to keep the emergency under control and help those impacted inside of the school. As always, the goal is to resolve the issue safely and return the school to a green status.

Code Yellow: Activity Off Campus
  • Law enforcement activity off campus
  • All outside activities must move indoors
  • Teachers continue instruction
  • Everyone must remain in their location until an "all clear" is announced
Code Red: Activity On Campus
  • Law enforcement activity is on campus
  • All outside activities must move to a secure location
  • Teachers implement safety procedures
  • Everyone must remain in their location until an "all clear" is announced
Code Blue: Bomb Threat
  • School security team convenes
  • All others remain in assigned locations
  • Initiate security sweep
  • Report any suspicious objects immediately to security team
  • Await further instructions

School Resource Deputies

All Flagler schools have a full-time School Resource Deputy (SRD) on duty during school hours. SRDs are certified law enforcement officers who have received additional training in safety, security, mentoring, and community involvement in order to work with youth in the community. Their role is to provide the physical presence, training, and support needed to help families and educators feel safe in the school environment.

The SRD program is a vital part of safety in our schools. The program thrives due to a solid working relationship between Flagler Schools, the City of Palm Coast, and the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. SRDs make important connections with students and are called on for their expertise in matters involving law enforcement. As positive role models, SRDs provide information and give presentations that help students make better choices and understand the consequences of their actions.

Emergency Communications

This video explains what happens during the investigation of a campus incident and the procedures for releasing communications to families.

ALERT Training

This video describes the ALERT Active Assailant Response Training used by Flagler Schools teachers, staff, and students.